How to Start a Lawn care Business- Dealing with a problem customer

One difficult situation that you are going to have to handle when youstart a lawn care business is dealing with a problem customer. I have learned over the years through dealing with people and came up with a suggestion to you. First, let’s define a difficult customer. I say a difficult customer is one with overly high expectations on the service you provide for the price you offer. An example that I have dealt with in my lawn care business is a lady who complains about not having much money when I first quoted her a price for her lawn care. I could sense talking to her that she was high-maintenance and tried to inform her that we have many customers and do excellent work, but that we can not spend extended time perfecting her lawn, especially for the price she was willing to pay. She insisted that she wanted my company to provide her lawn service. I agreed and she was not satisfied from the beginning. Understand my point. We do excellent lawn work that pleases 95% of people. The other 5% are typically more trouble than they are worth. One exception is a man who told me that he wanted his lawn looking great. I quoted him a price and he immediately said that the price was too low and added $30 per month the price. After a year, he offered a raise. Now that customers let me know upfront that he was extra picky and paid extra to have us spend more time on his lawn. We provide extra services for him and it has been a good working relationship. As far as I remember, he is the only ultra high-maintenance customer that has worked out. I highly recommend trying to avoid the overly particular customer. Most of the time, we would spend extra time and still it was not good enough. These customers are not very profitable and really hurt the morale of the entire crew, especially the owner. I have found that these customers typically will fire you and continue moving through other lawn services. So the point is when learning how to start a lawn care business, do excellent work, and if that isn’t good enough, simply recommend that the customer find another lawn service to handle their lawn. Do this graciously so you do as little damage to the reputation of your business as possible. If you want the ultimate guide on How to Start a Lawn Care Business, then click on the start your lawn business link. Here is a forum post on lawnsite discussing a similar topic.

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