2017 Conference


Whether your are growing grass or mowing grass, this is THE EVENT you have been waiting for to launch your business.

Conference Speakers

Jason Creel
Jason is currently growing and operating his third lawn care company.  He also regularly provides videos on his Lawn Care Life youtube channel that has benefited thousands.  His down to earth approach to success in lawn care is easy to grasp and quick to motivate to action.
James Bartley
James is a lawn care expert with almost 40 years experience in lawn care.  He is an expert in weed control and fertilization with practical business experience learned from managing a lawn care company for 34 years which grew to 3000 customers.   You will be hard pressed to find a better combination of knowledge, real business experience, and ability to communicate.    

Why You Don't Want to Miss the 2017 One Day Conference:

  1. Come meet Jason and other peers in the Lawn Care Industry and let's take specific, practical steps to take your business to new heights.  Let's stop talking theory and get down to actual practical steps used to grow your business. 
  2. If you are into weed control and fertilization or would like to enter that side of the green industry, we will be talking about specifics such as setting up your lawn care program (what products to to use and when to use them).  We will also be discussing equipment needed to be successful in weed control and fertilization. 
  3. For all lawn companies (mowing and weed control) we will be discussing the exact steps Jason has used to grow a business from 0 to 300 customers in just over 2 years.  I will be discussing exactly how I market my business so you can use the same strategy for your market.  Also on the topic of growing a lawn business, James managed a company for 34 years which grew to 3000 customers.
  4. Winter income a problem?  We will be tackling that topic to motivate you to take specific steps to creating a business that provides income 12 months out of the year. 
  5. Do you have a plan to grow your business past yourself and maybe a few helpers?  We will discuss the topic of growing your business past yourself so that you are not wearing all the hats (boss, marketer, quote givers, laborer, manager, secretary, accountant, etc)  How can you make more money besides just getting out there and cutting more lawns?
  6. There will be a Q & A Session where you can ask your specific questions and get answers.
  7. Since there is no way to cover all the information in one day, so all attendees will be invited to join a private facebook group to provide ongoing support for you as your grow your business. 
  8.  Door Prizes to Win!!!
  9. Lunch and Steak Dinner included with your registration fee
  10. Awesome facility conveniently located 30 minutes north of Birmingham, AL right 3 miles off of 1-59

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A Few Notes to Mention about Tickets...

1. Registration is only $97 inlcuding lunch and steak dinner. 

2.  Bring up to five other people with you for only $50 per person.  Bring a spouse, friend, employee, etc.  Just purchase 1 ticket at regular price, then upon checkout there will be an option to add up to 5 additional guests at $50 each.  

Conference DATE

November 2nd


10:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Central Time


Mathews Manor

3279 US HWY 11 Springville, AL 35146